March 25, 2011



Aaron Tourigny, aka Malikai Macabre, left, in the large photo, and his brother, Corey “The Freak,” Tourigny,
will present “Creeps Creature Feature” on Saturday nights at 11:30.
Union Leader Correspondent
DERRY -- Night owls and horror flick fans unite: Starting March 26 a local television station will premiere a weekly alternative to late night skit comedy — think Saturday Night Dead.
“Creeps Creature Feature” will
 feature a series of short horror movies filmed by indie filmmakers from around the globe, including right here in New England. The half-hour show will air Saturday nights at 11:30 on MyTV.
For those who remember “Creature Double Feature,” or “Movie Macabre,” this is just like that, only completely different, said show co-host Corey Tourigny. His alter ego, The Freak, is joined during the 30-minute show by Malikai
 Macabre, better known as his brother, Aaron Tourigny. Together they provide some creepy interludes between films.
For the brothers Tourigny, of Leominster, Mass., this opportunity is the fulfillment of a dozen-year-old dream.

“We had a show on cable access down in Massachusetts, ‘The Scary Midnight Horror Show.’ We worked at it for about five months, and then we approached WNDS about putting us on the air, but we never heard anything,” said Corey Tourigny. 
That was then. 
Since changing over from WNDS to MyTV, Derry’s resident TV network has actually been developing local programming along these lines to help draw in a faithful following of viewers from across New England, said Christopher Murphy, who oversees Film and TV Development for the station. “What I like about it is that it follows in line with what we’re all about. It’s an outreach for indie filmmakers in New England who have horror shorts that can fit within a half-hour format,” Murphy said. “The twist is cool — that they’re focusing on short films, because short films generally have no viewership because there’s never been a vehicle like this before.” 
Murphy worked with the Tourignys to find local business sponsors to sign on as part of a “branded entertainment” ad package — their 13-episode series will be brought to you buy The Costume Ladies in Walpole, and the annual Rock N Shock Horror and Music Convention, which draws thousands of fans to Worcester, Mass., to get up close and personal with their favorite cinematic zombies, killers and ghouls. 
“That’s huge for us, to have Rock N Shock as a sponsor, because it’s such a cool horror event,” Tourigny said. 
Also cool, for viewers, will be the chance to submit an original a horror film for consideration — or to suggest a scary, creepy or haunted site from which Malikai Macabre and The Freak can go to produce fill-in bits for the show, on location. 
“It’s a great opportunity for New Hampshire horror fans, whether you’re a filmmaker, or whether you have a place you think might be a good location, that you’d like to promote. There are so many great places to shoot around here — creepy mansions, eerie graveyards. We even have some castles around here,” Murphy said. 
So far, the Tourignys have managed to generate some horrifying buzz just through word of mouth and a little social networking. 
“The local film community has been really abuzz with this. It’s amazing how many submissions we’ve gotten already,” said Tourigny.
From the pile of short horror films they’ve decided on three very different yet equally engaging movies for Saturday’s premiere: “Cold Blood,” which, as the title suggests, is a bloody tale of horror, which runs just under 10 minutes, produced by an Australian filmmaker; “Midnight Roadkill,” a four-minute sci-fi horror short with a chick flick twist, submitted by a New Jersey filmmaker; and “The Visitor,” a suspenseful tale, also packing a scary punch in just under 10 minutes. 
“We want to keep it quick to the scare,” Tourigny said. 
He also wants to assure the viewing public that, as hosts with the most — pale pancake makeup, that is — schlocky horror humor will not be part of their weekly schtick. 
“No, it won’t be the typical ‘Welcome, boils and ghouls,’ horror host humor you might remember. We will be more serious about what we’re doing — although toward the end of the show we do lighten our characters up a bit,” Tourigny said. “We just want to be true to the show, and the filmmakers who are submitting their work.” 

On the Web: www.creepscreaturefeature. com

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