March 24, 2011

Irish singer steps up to help the troops

Anthony Kearns 
Union Leader Correspondent
DERRY -- While Irish Tenor Anthony Kearns was born across the pond, he says his time touring in the United States has given him an appreciation for the freedoms stateside. So when Bob Clegg of Hudson told Kearns about a local charity working to support American troops overseas, the tenor jumped at the chance to help.
“I live in Ireland, but I travel all the states to make my living and I’m very thankful for that,” said Kearns, 39, a founding member of the Irish Tenors and a successful solo artist.
“You take for granted the way we get around in this country and the peace and comfort we have in our lives,” he said. “We have to stop and remember those who are away from their homes and their families defending peace, not just for America but around the globe.”
Kearns has performed as
 part of many charitable events, including performances for the Wounded Warriors program and a recent USO/ThanksUSA benefit at the New Zealand Embassy.

And tonight , Kearns will bring his efforts to Promises to Keep in Derry in support of MooreMart, a Nashua-based nonprofit group that sends supplies and care packages to American troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Clegg, a former state senator who serves on the MooreMart Resource Team, met with Kearns backstage after one of his concerts in December. He said the tenor was immediately interested in supporting MooreMart and later tracked him down
 to ensure the charity event was moving forward.
“For an Irish citizen, (Kearns) seems to have a really soft spot for American troops,” Clegg said. “It’s really nice to see that they are appreciated around the world.”
MooreMart has sent more than 35,000 packages to New Hampshire troops overseas in the past six years, Clegg said, many including school supplies, toys and clothing for local children along with personal items for the soldiers themselves.
And to fill those boxes, he said, the volunteer-run group largely relies on donations and fundraising projects, like tonight’s event.
Tickets for the show are $50
 or $80 for two people.
The program begins at 5:30 p.m. with a cocktail reception, followed by Kearns’ performance at 6:15 p.m. Promises to Keep is located at 199 Rockingham Road in Derry.
And with a capacity of about 200 people, Clegg said he hopes the location will provide a uniquely intimate show.
“This will give people an opportunity to see and hear (Kearns) in a venue that’s almost like being alone,” he said. “It’s not being in the middle of 3,000 people. It’s up close, and he’s very personable. I think people are going to really enjoy him.”
For tickets or more information, contact .

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