April 6, 2011

Guy's Night Out: Parkland offers one-stop health screening for men

Getting a check-up makes you even more attractive to your mate.
Union Leader Correspondent
DERRY -- There’s a reason everyone’s familiar with the myth that men hate to ask for directions when they are lost.
Asking for help with health issues, for men, is just like
 that in his experience, said Dr. Thomas Scott, medical director of Parkland Medical Center’s emergency department.
“I have four men in the emergency department right now, in four different rooms, and all
 four men told me the problem that brought them here today did not start today,” said Scott. “Not that women are off the hook, but right now we’re talking about men.”

And that conversation will continue tonight when Parkland Medical Center will sponsor “A Guy’s Night Out” — an interactive night of health talk, screenings, snacks and prizes, all tailored to the most common complaints men have in the health department, at Castleton Banquet & Conference Center, 92 Indian Rock Road, in Windham.
“I think the No. 1 thing we, as a group — myself included — are bad at is going and getting our yearly or bi-yearly physicals. Essentially, it’s all about screening. When you have a baseline, then when something changes year to year, it’s easy to detect and treat before it becomes a critical issue,” Scott said.
Men, more than women, tend to minimize their health symptoms, perhaps believing that the crushing pain in their chest is more the result of too much yard work than a cholesterol-filled vascular system.
“Typically men come in for appointments with more complex medical problems — heart disease, lung disease. And they tend to show up later than they should,” Scott said.
Cocktail hour is 5 to 6 p.m., followed by a series of speakers: Dr. Jack Huse will talk on “A Roadmap to Health,” and why waiting until you have a problem is not the best time to approach your physical well-being.
Physical therapist Michael Michaud, of Parkland Rehabilitation Services will offer tips on preventing injury while maintaining an active lifestyle.
Dr. David Canes, of Lahey Institution of Urology at Parkland Medical Center, will cover “Urology: From Vasectomy
 to Prostate.” Dr. Thomas Scott, medical director of Parkland Medical Center Emergency Department, and cardiologist Dr. Andrew Cohen of New England Heart Institute at Parkland Medical Center will focus on how simple lifestyle changes can decrease your risk of heart attack.
Dr. Karl D’Silva, of Lahey Center for Oncology, will go over warning signs of cancer, what it is, how to recognize it and various treatment methods.
The evening will wrap up with a 45-minute “Ask the Doctor” Q&A session with a panel of experts.
At 8 p.m. there will be a raf­
fle drawing — winners must be present to collect prizes — which include Red Sox tickets, Monarch tickets, a Garmin GPS, a round of golf at Candia Woods and a $50 gift certificate to Mr. Steer.
Screening stations will be ongoing throughout the event, and will include: Sleep Disorder; Ask Us About Your Aches & Pains; Cancer Information & Screenings; Vascular Screenings; Ask an Oncologist; Consult a Pharmacist,
 provided by Parkland Pharmacy Services: Ask a Gastroenterologist; Need a Primary Care Physician?; Urology Screenings/Incontinence (Private); Prostate Health; Body Fat Analysis; Blood Pressure; Exercise Demonstrations; Nutrition Screenings; Chair Massages and more.
The event runs from 5 to 8 p.m.
For more information, go to www.parklandmedicalcenter.com or call 1-877-642-2362.

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