April 1, 2011

Londonderry PD haven't got their goat ... yet

Union Leader Correspondent
Rocky the goat, before his capture
by the NHSPCA last fall.
LONDONDERRY -- The goats are on the lam again.
Reports of goats on the loose were brought to the attention of the Londonderry Police Department Thursday
 morning, but police were unable to capture the wayward creatures.
Shortly after 10 a.m. on Thursday morning, a goat was spotted on Londonderry Road, ambling toward Commercial Center.
Within 15 minutes, a patrolling
 police officer spotted a goat making its way toward Interstate 93.
Soon after, two goats were spotted walking down Reo Street.
Thursday afternoon, police Lt. Robert Michaud said all attempts to capture the goats had been unsuccessful.
“One of our officers tried to catch one of the goats, but it ran off into the woods,” Michaud
 said. Police were not sure where the goats came from, as no one in town has reported any missing goats thus far.
But it wasn’t the first time local residents and passing motorists have come into contact with the animals.
This past August, “Rocky,” a white goat that had been living on a wooded ledge behind the Route 28 Dunkin’
 Donuts, was successfully captured by members of the Animal Rescue League of Boston and the New Hampshire SPCA. A second goat that had been found lingering on a resident’s Summer Drive porch was captured by police around the same time. Both animals were eventually placed into loving homes.
Other critters haven’t been so lucky.
Since January 2006, police have shot and killed at least five goats after they escaped from the home of Woodmont Orchards employee Julio Otero-Rivera, 26 Beacon Street.
At the time, police said the animals were wandering precariously close to the traffic on Interstate 93 and Route 102, presenting a danger to passing motorists.

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