April 25, 2010

Derry Business leads the way toward greener living

Union Leader Correspondent
DERRY – As bandwagons go, the Green Energy movement is certainly picking up steam. However, Brian Pellerin, manager of Freedom Renewable Energy, says installing energy efficient power systems and educating consumers about the overall benefits of greening their homes and businesses is all about raising the bar.
“The cornerstone of our company is a solemn commitment to quality and integrity. Because the products we install are built to last 30 years, we engineer every installation to exceed building codes. In that way our clients are assured of a return on their investment which, in most instances, exceeds 300 percent over the life of the product,” said Pellerin, who launched Freedom Renewable Energy four years ago.
From solar cells recently installed on top of the Fremont Public Safety Complex, to wind turbines for a modest and energy conscious homeowner in Newton, Pellerin said there's something fulfilling about leading the charge when it comes to renewable energy.
Freedom Renewable Energy supplies, installs, and maintains renewable energy technologies to residential, commercial, hospitality, and municipal clients,including wind, solar, geothermal, and co-generation (heat and electricity) solutions. They also offer biomass and micro-hydro products. A division of the company also conducts energy audits, which can be a cursory walk-through or a complete study involving the installation of a blower door for use with a thermal imaging camera, said Pellerin.
As his business steadily grows, Pellerin senses the excitement growing among local consumers as well, who see renewable energy as a win-win solution to the costly business of running a home or office.
“Renewable energy is a great way for homeowners to cut their utility bills and reduce our dependence on foreign oil and other forms of fossil fuels. Also, whenever we use clean energy from the sun, wind, or the earth's soil, we lessen our carbon footprint and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Renewable energy makes sense for us, for our children, and for future generations. It's a great way to demonstrate good stewardship of the planet,” said Pellerin.
Financially, the annual return on investment from energy savings tops virtually any financial instrument out there, Pellerin said. On top of that, savings from energy can't be taxed, unlike taxes levied on dividends and interest.
“Our clients are pleasantly surprised when they learn renewable energy costs have actually come down during the past five years. With new innovations in technology, renewable energy is no longer the hobby of the rich and powerful,” Pellerin said. “Now all Americans can afford solar panels, wind turbines, and co-generation systems for their homes and businesses.”
Incentives currently in place through federal programs offer up to a 30 percent tax credit for various investments in renewable energy. The Public Utilities Commission and other New Hampshire utility companies are offering attractive rebate programs. Now is the time to invest, Pellerin said.
“Incentives are just that. In other words, they will be retracted once renewable energy has gained momentum. So now's the time to act, if you want the government to pick up part of the cost of your renewable energy system,” Pellerin said. .
Going into the community and doing installations or presentations at schools reminds Pellerin that what he's doing will have lasting and positive repercussions.
“We find the youth of America are really interested and excited about renewable energy. They love the technology. To them, it's cool. They also know it's their future. Kids know renewable energy will someday power their world and give them clean air to breathe and clean water to drink..” Pellerin said. “When we go to schools to talk about renewable energy, or when kids visit us on a job site as part of a class field trip, there's a lot of excitement. They see their future...and they like what they see."

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