November 3, 2010

Republican slate prevails in Derry

Union Leader Correspondent

DERRY -- Republicans took every single office up for grabs on Derry's ballot, as 9,288 voters – or about 44 percent of those registered – turned out at the polls today.
In the race for governor, Republican John Stephen pulled 5,085 votes to incumbent Democrat John Lynch's 3,903 votes. Libertarian candidate John Babiarz received 202 votes.
For U.S. Senate, Republican Kelly Ayotte received 6,145 votes, beating out Democrat Paul Hodes in Derry with his 2,695 votes. Independent Chris Booth received 182 votes and Libertarian Ken Blevens earned 110 votes.
For U.S. Representative for Congress in District 1, Republican Frank Guinta receives 5,495 votes to incumbent Democrat Carol Shea-Porter's 3,187 votes. Libertarian Philip Hodson earned 373 votes.
In the race for Executive Council for District 4, Ray Wieczorek earned 5,815 votes in Derry, over 2,677 votes for Democrat Bob Bruce.
For state Senate for District 19, Derry voters favored Republican Jim Rausch with 5,759 votes over Democrat Kristi St. Laurent, who earned 2,911 votes in Derry.
Republicans swept the 11 positions open for state House of Representatives in Rockingham County House District 5. After tonight's results, Derry's state Representatives are Phyllis Katsakiores (5,263 votes), Patricia Dowling (5,218), Frank Sapareto (4,980), Andrew Manuse (4,888), Beverly Ferrante (4,872), John O'Connor  (4,796), Kenneth Gould (4,694), Bob Fesh (4,596), James Webb (4,546), Brian Chirichiello (4,505) and Kevin Reichard (4,362).
Democrats also running for state Representatives from House District 5 were Gina Hutchinson (3,112 votes),  Betsy Burtis (2,704), Barbara McCarthy (2,672), Nick Arancio (2,321) Deborah Cuenca (2,298), Jeffrey DeRego (2,242) and Eladio Cuenca, Jr. (2,069).
For Rockingham County Sheriff, Republican Mike Downing came out on top in Derry with 5,204 votes over 2,496 votes for Democrat Shannon Coyle. Independent Dorothy Heyl pulled 840 votes.
In the race for Rockingham County Attorney, Republican Jim Reams earned 5,309 votes and Democrat David Mirsky received 2,802 votes.
For Rockingham County Treasurer, Republican Edward Buck received 4,988 votes to 2,802 votes for Democrat David Ahearn.
For Register of Deeds, Republican Cathy Stacey received 5,391 votes and Democrat Robert Padian received 2,170 votes.
For Register of Probate, Republican Andrew Christie received 5,285 votes and Democrat Debra Crapo received 2,935 votes.

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