February 5, 2011

Sign of Spring: How to ask a girl to prom

Senior Class President Dan Tierney went big in seeking a prom date, and his efforts were rewarded.
Union Leader Correspondent
Dan Tierney and Caroline Miller.
LONDONDERRY -- “Love is the ultimate outlaw,” author Tom Robbins once wrote. “It just won’t adhere to any rules. The most any of us can do is sign on as its accomplice.” Those words were fitting Friday morning, when Londonderry High School senior Dan Tierney literally “signed” on as long-time friend Caroline Miller’s prom date.
For anyone driving down Mammoth Road Friday morning, Tierney’s words spelled out his most earnest of hopes, for all to see, with the message: “Caroline
 Miller, Will You Go To Prom With Me? – Dan Tierney,” posted in large, block let­ters across the high school’s front sign. The senior class president said knew he wanted to do something special for his prom last year, when he was brainstorming with friends about unique ways to ask a girl. Wanting to make a lasting impression on the girl he’s shared a close friendship with for the past several years, Tierney opted to keep his best idea under wraps until the time came to ask her. 

Now well into his senior year, Tierney recently approached school administrators with his plan, hoping their answer, like Miller’s, would be an unhesitating “yes.” While administrators were initially hesitant, love ultimately ruled the day, though it would only be for one day. Assistant Principal Art Psaledas noted that Friday’s sign would have to be a one-time occurrence, since overwhelming requests from other smitten seniors could potentially pose quite a challenge. 
So, with the blessings of administrators and Miller’s family, Tierney set off for school Friday morning, shortly after the sun came up. “I got here around 7 a.m.,” he said with a guilty grin. “The janitor helped me put up the letters.” 
By the time Miller’s mother, Amy, drove her to school, the starry-eyed young woman knew something unusual was in the works. “She usually drives me in through a different entrance,” Miller said. “I saw the sign right away.” 
Walking into school in disbelief, Miller saw Tierney, carrying a bouquet of pink roses and waiting to ask the question that begged an answer. 
“I started to cry,” Miller said. “Then I said yes!” 
On Friday afternoon, Miller’s father, Jim, snapped a few photos of the now-famous sign. The elder Miller said he knew about Tierney’s plan one day in advance, as the young man wanted to make sure Miller’s parents were kept in the loop. 
Fortunately, father approved. “He’s just a very outward, good young man,” said Jim Miller. “He knows how to make things happen.” 
Londonderry High School will hold its senior prom in early May. 

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