February 14, 2011

100 Days of Learning at Moose Hill Elementary

Zero the Hero taught the children in teacher Deb Childs’ kindergarten class how to
count to 100 as part of Moose Hill School’s 100th day of school celebration on Feb. 11. 
Union Leader Correspondent
LONDONDERRY -- With a multitude of snow days forcing local schools to call off classes this winter, making it to the 100th school day is definitely a cause for celebration.
At Moose Hill School, it’s also a prime opportunity for the town’s youngest students to practice their counting skills.
On Friday, Londonderry’s kindergarten and preschool children enjoyed a special visit from their friend Zero the Hero as part of the day’s school-wide festivities to commemorate the 100th day of school.
Wearing a red cape and headdress, “Zero” visited each of the school’s classrooms, before leading the entire school in 100 exercises in the front foyer.
“Do you feel 100 days smarter?” Principal Bonnie Breithaupt asked the children, as she joined them in skipping, toe touching and jumping jacks.
This month, Moose Hill students have had
 plenty of practice in counting up to 100. As part of the 100th day of school commemoration, each of the school’s seven classrooms has been collecting canned food items, dry goods and toiletries to be donated to the St. Jude’s Food Pantry. 

“Our goal is to collect 100 items per classroom by the 100th day of school,” Breithaupt said. “Though we’ve been a bit behind this year with all the snow days, we’re sure catching up!” 
On Friday, four of the classes had met their goal. Breithaupt said the school-wide goods collection would continue through Feb. 17 in order to give other classes the chance to count all the way to 100. 

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