February 8, 2011

Snow fears force senior center to close

Union Leader Correspondent
LONDONDERRY -- With an excess of snow piled up on the roof of the senior center, town officials were left with no choice but to temporarily close the building’s doors on Monday afternoon. Contacted shortly after the center was closed, Town Manager David Caron said the town was working to ensure all traces of snow and ice are removed from the structure’s roof as soon as possible. 
“There may be an issue considering the amount of snow on that roof,” Caron said. 
Once all the snow is removed, Caron said, the town’s building department would inspect the roof and surrounding structures to ensure the facility’s safety. 
With any luck, Caron said, the senior center should reopen today. However, if the inspection leaves town officials with any doubts, Caron said a complete structural analysis would have to be done, and the senior center could potentially remain closed until further notice. 
Monday afternoon, Senior Building Inspector Richard Canuel said preliminary investigations revealed the structure to be sound. 
“When I looked inside the attic, there doesn’t appear to be any immediate danger of collapse,” Canuel said. “Still, we have to make sure everyone stays safe. There was much concern over the amount of snow on the roof, as there is everywhere this winter.” 
Located inside the former Grange Hall at 535 Mammoth Road, the structure has been used as a senior center since 2007. 

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