October 31, 2010

Giuliani warns gathering about 'scary' Democrats

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani asks to borrow Republican gubernatorial candidate
 John Stephen’s “veto pen,” which Stephen said he will bring with him to the State House
when he wins Tuesday’s election, unseating incumbent Democrat John Lynch.
Union Leader Correspondent
DERRY -- With only days left to convince voters that he’s the man for the job, Republican gubernatorial candidate John Stephen brought a formidable wingman along Saturday during a pair of campaign stops.
Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani led the way, greeted by a capacity crowd in the upstairs bar at The Halligan Tavern during the second of two stops in the Granite State.
After wrapping up in Merrimack, Giuliani and Stephen tag-teamed a friendly rush of supporters at the Irish pub just after 4 p.m., getting right down to the business at hand — the countdown to Tuesday.
“How many of you watched the debate last week?” asked Stephen of the televised matchup between him and Lynch, to a thunderous round of applause. “Well, we may have won the debate, but we have not won the election yet. It’s still three days away. We can do it with your help. It’s not over yet. Go get some signs, get a bumper sticker, get out your Rolodex, go talk to your neighbors. This is the most critical election of my lifetime.”
Although the most recent University of New Hampshire Survey Center polls put Lynch ahead by a double-digit margin — Lynch is favored 51 to 38 over Stephen — on Saturday, Stephen was still high on the momentum of his campaign.
“I feel so much excitement out there. Those New Hampshire values I’m fighting for with you, they don’t belong to a political party; they belong to the people of New Hampshire. That’s why I brought along my pen,” said Stephen, reaching into his shirt pocket and pulling out a ballpoint pen. “I pledge to veto every new tax — this pen will be your best friend.”
Giuliani asked for the pen to segue into his own remarks, asking Stephen, “Can I borrow
 your pen?” and using it to sign his name on a campaign sign behind them. “It works,” he said.
“Running is hard. It takes a lot out of you. John is doing this
 for all the right reasons,” said Giuliani. “I’m so enthused by it. Our country’s in bad shape; our states are in bad shape; New Hampshire could lose what’s special about New Hampshire.”From there, Giuliani spoke generally about the need to rid Washington of “scary” Demo-crats, using a Halloween analogy and a couple of young kids in the room to bring home his point.
“They want to take all your candy; all the candy up in Concord and Washington,” said Giuliani.
He also spoke about the importance of grassroots support that bubbles up directly from the people, rather than top-down government that imposes its will on the people with more taxation and bigger government.
“It’s about what we believe in, not what the people in Washington want,” Giuliani said.

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