December 31, 2010

Injured Derry Firefighters recouperating

Union Leader Correspondent
DERRY -- Two Derry firefighters injured during a house fire on Monday remain out of work this week, as investigators continue the work of identifying the cause of the fire.
Three firefighters were treated at Parkland Medical Center in Derry Monday night, after Battalion Chief Michael Doyle said the men were injured during an interior attack on a fire at 12 Eastman Drive in Derry.
 The fire, which was first reported just before 6:50 p.m. Monday, destroyed the home’s interior to the point where it was deemed uninhabitable.

One firefighter was transported to Parkland with reports of difficulty breathing, Doyle said, while two others were treated for second-degree burns of the ears and cheeks. Doyle said the three men were released early Tuesday morning, but the two with burns are still recuperating at home.
“They are good, but sometimes doctors don’t want them to return to work because of the
 risk of infection with what we do,” Doyle said.
Two adults were in the home at the time of the fire, family members said, but both were out of harm’s way by the time firefighters arrived.
Homeowners Jennifer and Mark Salvucci said Monday that the fire started in their pellet stove, which Doyle said was set up in a large room at the back of the house with high ceilings and sliding glass doors.
Derry Fire Prevention Director Michael Scott said investigators
 have yet to officially determine the cause of the fire, but said that the pellet stove is likely involved.
“That’s what we’re looking at, but we’ve just got to look at everything,” Scott said.
Scott said he sees pellet and wood stove fires each year, though not many.
“The biggest thing with pellet stoves is to make sure that they’re installed as listed and labeled,” he said. “The manuals tell you what the clearance must be and how to vent it. If
 people follow the directions of the manufacturers, they are safe to use.”
Scott said the department will offer courtesy inspections for anyone interested in confirming their alternative heating source has been properly installed.
The Salvuccis said they had been living at the home with their two teenaged children for five years. The family is staying with relatives in the area while a more permanent situation is arranged, they said.

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