December 28, 2010

Truck accident causes fuel spill on Bypass 28

Union Leader Correspondent
DERRY -- A weather-related mishap involving a tractortrailer on Bypass 28 caused a section of the highway to be closed after a punctured gas tank spilled about 75 gallons of diesel fuel onto the road. The accident happened after a truck pulled onto the bypass from English Range Road, colliding with the truck and puncturing the fuel tank, according to Derry police Lt. John Muise. A second accident described by police as more of a fender bender farther south on the bypass at about the same time also complicated traffic flow, but police blocked off the road and redirected traffic without incident.
However, the fuel spill did add to the hazard of the already icy roadway, police said. Despite efforts by plow trucks to keep the travel lanes clear, yesterday’s blustery winds continued to create pockets of snow here and there throughout the region.
That was really the only trouble area reported so far, Muise said yesterday afternoon.
Police in Londonderry, Salem and Windham also reported no major traffic snarls,
 even though the overnight blizzard conditions continued into the early afternoon, bringing plenty of snow that was then swirled around by continual gusts of wind.
Michael Connolly of Frost Lane in Windham said he had an unexpected extended vacation after a minor snowblower accident yesterday morning.
“I got up at 4:30 to clear the driveway, but slipped, and ended up not going to work after all,” said Connolly, who said his wife was kind enough to finish shoveling. “I was also surprised we didn’t lose power, with all the wind we usually do.”
For most tried and true New Englanders, it’s hard to get excited about a blizzard even when it’s the first of the season.
Henry Law, who lives on Snowflake Lane in Londonderry, said he isn’t sure what everyone gets so wound up about: It’s just snow.
“It was nothing special to me. I got up early, plowed my driveway and went to work. That’s what everybody does. We all expect it here in New Hampshire,” Law said.
Besides treacherous roadways and piles of snow to be shoveled, the other thing that always goes with the territory is fun, and that’s just what Irene Humel’s kids had in mind when they traveled from their home on Frost Road in Derry to Pat’s Peak in Henniker yesterday with some friends visiting from New York for the holiday.
It was absolutely freezing, and absolutely fun, said Humel, whose kids Madeleine, 12, and Liam, 10, hosted Sophia Mohlulis, 11, of Scarsdale, N.Y., on the slopes.
“Actually, we heard they got quite a bit of snow in Scarsdale, too, but it was much more fun to be skiing in New Hampshire with friends,” Humel said.

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