February 19, 2010

St. Thomas back to class after CO scare

     St. Thomas Aquinas Principal Paul Rakiey, center, confers with Derry Fire Capt. Scott Haggart, right,  Wednesday evening, after a recheck of the school building by fire crews. Earlier in the day the school had been evacuated after 23 students and a teacher suffered flu-like symptoms and were sent to area hospitals.        
     Although several of those afflicted registered slightely elevated CO levels, all were treated and released. Officials continued to check the school building through the night but did not find any leaks or elevated CO levels inside the building. In addition to one already installed in the basement, eight new CO sensors were added inside the school as a precaution. Rakiey said he was pleased with the response of local fire crews and commended them for handling what could have been a chaotic situation. He said in the coming week school officials were going to take a closer look at how the emergency was handled internally.

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